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For the person who nominated the Henry & Mudge Series, I've got one character I'm holding off on approving - did you mean Judge or Mudge???

For the person who nominated POTTER Beatrix - Works, it looks like you specifically meant the Peter Rabbit books...is this correct? I'd rather not use Works tags unless it's unavoidable.

For the person who nominated The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood, I can't find any evidence it was marketed to teens at any point. Being used in high school classes is not enough to make a book eligible for the exchange. I'll hold off on rejecting it till the end of the nomination process, but I'd need to see some proof that it was marketed to teens (not necessarily in the US or in English) before it will be accepted.

For the person who nominated Ghostwriter, I am aware that there is a tie-in book series, but I need more time to research the details. Apologies for the delay.

ETA: I've had several fandoms come through with no characters, which have been approved. However, I encourage people to nominate characters for better matching.
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