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25 Hour warning. What time is that for me?. We've currently got 34 works in 63 fandoms posted, so we're looking good.

Don't forget that the treat collection is also open, if you want to post treats there. You'll have a week between the deadline and collection opening to post treats. Fic Corner Prompts.
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All pinch hits have been claimed.

I thought I'd created a treats collection when I opened prompts for treating, but I hadn't. Fic Corner Treats 2015. This collection is for treats under 1000 words and will open at the same time as the regular collection.
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On AO3.

If anyone is curious, we've got 4 works in 6 fandoms, and no other pinch hits as yet.
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With one week to go (are you writing?), I've made the fic corner prompts visible for treating. Any treats under 1000 words should be posted in the Fic-Corner Treats collection.

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