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Apologies for the delay, but I was ill yesterday.

Nominations for The Exchange at Fic Corner are open on AO3. You can nominate up to four fandoms and up to five characters. Nominations will close on June 17th at approximately 9pm EDT. What time is that for me? Note that your mod is not very good at keeping track of time in the evenings and this does not happen automatically but it's safe to say that it will probably close before 1am EDT the next morning.

To make this easier on your mod, remember that book titles are canonized in AO3 as Title - Author or in the case of multiple authors, Title - Various Authors. If you're nominating a book or book series that is also a tv show/cartoon/board game/movie/podcast/etc., I WILL assume you mean the book version, but there will be much tearing of hair in the process, so the more specific you can be, the happier I will be. If there may be confusion, feel free to elaborate in the comments of this post.

What constitutes an eligible fandom?
The guidelines for an eligible kids' or YA book fandom

  • A fandom that was published in book format by a traditional publisher (small press/eBook only is okay, self-published is not unless it was at some point also published by a company that handles multiple authors with some selection criteria beyond "give us your manuscript, we'll publish your book").

  • A fandom that was marketed for children's or teens at some point. Books that have had editions marketed for both adults and teens (Ender's Game, for example) are eligible as are books that were published for adults in one country and for teens (or children) in another. Any fandoms where proof of this cannot be found will be listed in one or multiple posts on the comm for confirmation before being rejected.

  • Any level books are eligible, from board books for toddlers to edgy teen novels.

  • Graphic novels/manga/bande dessinĂ©e/manhwa, etc. are all eligible as long as they are published for kids or teens. Everything else will be on a case by case basis, but mainstream superheroes will only be eligible in a version specifically published for kids/teens as mainstream comics do not have a clear dividing line (certain teen superheroes/superhero groups may be allowed on a case by base basis). This does not affect manga, as age ranges are usually marked on the English translations. Monthly comic issues that have not been collected in book form are not eligible.

  • Fandoms do not have to be currently in print to be eligible.

  • Fandoms may be in any language and do not have to have a published English translation. However, this exchange will be run in English, so the less accessible your fandom is, the less likely you will find a match.

  • Non-fiction fandoms may be accepted on a case by case basis at the discretion of the moderator.

  • RPF is not allowed except in the context of a book fandom in which real people are characters, such as the multitude of novels about 16th century girls who dress as boys and run off to act in Shakespeare's plays.

  • Tie-in novels/series are eligible if they are telling new and distinct stories from the source. Direct novelisations of movies or television are not eligible. If you're looking to sneak in certain major comic or cartoon characters check out the Easy Reader section of your library or bookstore.

  • Size of fandom is not a criteria. Harry Potter and Twilight are eligible, as are tiny fandoms that don't exist on AO3 yet.

  • Sub-series are allowed, so you could nominate the Trickster series instead of Tortall and that would be accepted. However, I reserve the right to discard single book nominations in favor of series/sub-series, going by the smallest possible series (ie, Little Men may be accepted as the Little Women series if both were nominated), for ease of matching. If you only want the adventures of Nat, Dan and Bess, you'll have the option of limiting by character in your requests and offers. I'll be more likely to invoke this for series in which feature the same main character(s) or for stories with a continuing plotline, which means that that's a bad example, but I can't think of a better one for now.

  • Kids'/Teen spin-off series of adult series will be allowed as long as you nominate the eligible series. The adult series will be rejected.

  • If a book or graphic novel will be published (i.e. available to the general public) by the 1st of September, it is eligible. Comics that have not been collected into graphic novels and prepublication copies of books (advanced reader copies, galleys, sample chapters) that have not been released to the general public in their finished form in any country are not eligible. Do remember that the easier it is to get one's hands on canon for review, the more likely people will offer/request it.

  • Nominations/requests/offers do not have to be things YOU personally read at the appropriate age. As long as they are aimed at the target age range, they are eligible.

Feel free to use the comments to plan nominations, one book/series per thread. Please put title - author in the subject field for ease in coordinating.
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