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The Exchange at Fic Corner 2017 Schedule
June 3rd - Brainstorming Post will open; Any Changes to Eligibilty Rules will be posted (none this year).
June 9th - June 17th - Nominations
June 17th - June 18th - Vetting
June 18th - June 27th - Sign-Ups
June 28th - Assignments Sent Out
August 21st - Deadline for Stories
August 28th - Collection Goes Live
While I was hoping to shift the schedule to Memorial Day (last Monday in May) to Labor Day (first Monday in September), I'm late getting started this year. I've also moved sending out assignments earlier as I can't guarantee I'll have time to deal with issues the last weekend of June.

Go forth and brainstorm in the comments.

Got a favo(u)rite kids or YA book or series or story you want other people to write for or request? Want to know if you're "the only one" who ever read that one particular book or who loves that certain character?

Some helpful brainstorming links provided by [personal profile] elf and a few added by me.
Newbery Medal list
Links to other Youth Awards from ALA including the Batchelder (translation) and Belpre (Hispanic/Latino). Scroll down for links to the Coretta Scott King (African-American/Black) and Printz (YA) The Notable Books lists linked in the sidebar are also of interest.
Carnegie Medal. Poke around the site for the Greenaway and other awards lists.
Juvenile Series and Sequels
from the MCPL database (looong list.)
Goodreads Top 100 Middle School Must Reads from Goodreads
A List of Series and Sequels for Juvenile Readers. Compiled in 1915. (Edith Nesbit is included. And Lewis Carroll. And Dumas was apparently considered youth reading.)
Mary Crosson's "Plain Jane" Series List. Public domain (pre-20s) children's and teens series available on the web.
We Need Diverse Books - try the resource page for lists and links.

Mirror post on LJ.
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