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All fics in, all pinch hits done. Now your mod gets to collapse for 2 minutes before [livejournal.com profile] yuletide starts.

When I first started this exchange, I planned to alternate it with a kids tv exchange, either winter/summer, or every other year. Then I got tapped to help run Yuletide and people really liked the idea of a kidlit exchange, so I ended up running that three years in a row. But now it's time. Next summer instead of fic corner, I'll be running that kids' tv exchange, which is unnamed as yet (put your suggestions in the comments).

Eligible fandoms will include cartoons and live action shows aimed at kids or teens. It will definitely include the precursors to dedicated kids tv networks (such as Full House and Boy Meets World), but I'm not sure where the eligibility rules will come down on something like BtVS where the main characters start in high school, but graduate less than halfway through the series.
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There's an issue where one of the stories isn't assigned properly to its recipient. I've contacted the author, but for now I am going to hold off on opening the archive for at least another 8 hours, and possibly longer. If this hasn't been resolved by tomorrow night, the collection will open, and I'll manually notify the recipient, but I'd like to give the author a chance to fix it first, as I'm certain it was an accident.
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Both fic corner and fic corner treats are about to open. Just a reminder that this exchange is run on non-anonymous lines and that you will be visible as the author when the collection is revealed, so feel free to respond to any comments that you get.

Both collections will be opened so feel free to post treats based on the prompts at any time during the year.

ETA: Just a reminder that AO3 does a rolling reveal, and it might be a little while before all of the stories are properly visible.
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The collection will probably open on Sunday, time tbd. We have one other outstanding pinch hit so the collection will open once both of those are in.
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I have one pinch hit that I wasn't able to find a taker for until mid-afternoon. As a result, I'll be delaying the collection opening until 10am EDT to allow them time to get the story written and posted. I don't want to open the collection when even one person still has a story outstanding.

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