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First the two that have not been fixed:

A nomination for The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame with characters of Frog and Toad (Frog and Toad). There's a copy of this book on google books so I was able to do a full text search and I cannot find a Frog character. Can you please confirm that this is the title/character combination you intended? Frog and Toad is by Arnold Lobel, if that's what you intended.

A nomination for NIX Garth - Works. Judging by the characters chosen, this should be a nomination for the Old Kingdom series (aka the Sabriel series, but Old Kingdom - Garth Nix is the AO3 canonical). Again, the nomination is otherwise fine, but please change to the appropriate fandom tag.

And two new ones

A nomination for The Squad by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Josh Klein was nominated but there is no character named Josh in the books (thank you, google books). Did you perhaps mean Noah Klein (the main character's brother).

A nominations for Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms which is way too broad for this exchange. Please pick out a specific anthology or a specific shared universe if you want to have these characters in a story together. Nominating The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, or any of the Colored Fairy Books by Andrew Lang, or even an anthology of Favorite Fairy Tales from Around the World (Jane Yolen did one, and I know there are others), but there are enough variants of all these stories that I'd prefer a more specific nomination. I'll look through the anthologies I have at work tomorrow to see if I can find one with all the characters listed.
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I will probably not accept any nominations tonight so there is still time to make changes. However, I'm already seeing some potential issues.

1. Character nominations are good things. Nominating a fandom but not characters might get you matched with someone who loves the characters you hate and vice versa.

2. Cartoons are not allowed. Please make sure that if you're nominating a cartoon fandom that is/was also a comic that the two were indeed connected/that the comic was intended for children/teens. I've got three passes (Justice League & Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) and one fail (Avengers Assemble - the comic was in main continuity not cartoon continuity) waiting on the queue at the moment. If you nominated the latter you have 24 hours to change it from the date stamp on this post the LJ post which has a date stamp of 11 minutes later before I reject it.
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Nominations for The Exchange at Fic Corner are open on AO3. You can nominate up to four fandoms and up to five characters. Nominations will close on June 7th at approximately 10pm EDT. Note that your mod is not very good at keeping track of time in the evenings and this does not happen automatically but it's safe to say that it will probably close before 1am EDT the next morning.

To make this easier on your mod, remember that book titles are canonized in AO3 as Title - Author or in the case of multiple authors, Title - Various Authors. If you're nominating a book or book series that is also a tv show/cartoon/board game/movie/podcast/etc., I WILL assume you mean the book version, but there will be much tearing of hair in the process, so the more specific you can be, the happier I will be.

The Eligibility guidelines from the FAQ. )

Feel free to use the comments to plan nominations, one book/series per thread. Please put title - author in the subject field for ease in coordinating.

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